Zeka Laplaine

Zeka Laplaine

Zeka Laplaine


After first attending the festival in Cologne in 1998, the Kinshasa-born director Zeka Laplaine has since been

one of the festival’s most regular visitors. In 2006, he presented two of his feature films. As he also plays the

main role in one of them (PARIS:XY), a photo of him featured on the cover of that year’s festival programme and on the poster. He is also on the billing for the anniversary festival with his latest short film TROUBLE. It tells the story of a personal, family-related journey to Cambodia. Zeka Laplaine sent FilmInitiativ the following message to mark the Afrika Film Festival’s 20th year of existence in 2012: “I remember

how you handed out T-shirts with ‘Kein Mensch ist illegal’ (‘No Person is Illegal’) written on them. I thought to myself: ‘What are these Germans up to? They’re not your average film festival people.’ And you really aren’t like other festival organisers, many of whom just pretend that it’s all about the filmmakers. You really do give the impression that what you do is important to you. And that gives any filmmaker who visits the festival a good feeling.”


AFRICAN SHORTS III (15. Afrika Film Festival 2017) : Guest

TROUBLE (2017): Direction

Paris: XY (2001): Actor, Producer, Screenplay, Direction

Le Jardin de papa (2003): Screenplay, Direction

Macadam Tribu (1996): Screenplay, Direction

Kinshasa Palace (2006): Actor, Screenplay, Direction

Le Clandestin (1995): Direction