Ahmad Abdalla

Ahmad Abdalla

Ahmad Abdalla


Ahmad Abdalla was born in Cairo where he studied Classical Music and Violin. After working in commercials and documentaries Ahmad produced his first feature film, Heliopolis, in 2009.He followed this up with Microphone in 2010, which won the first prize at the Carthage International Film Festival in Tunis – only one month before unrest broke out in the city and made headline news around the world. At the Cairo International Film Festival in December 2010 he won the award for the best Arabic feature film.Ahmad Abdalla took part in the protests on Tahrir square in Cairo in January 2011, which let to the end of Mubaraks dictatorship. So he will be able to give first hand accounts on the repression and rebellion in Egypt in the last months.


Farsh Wa Gata (Rags And Tatters) (2013): Direction,

Tamantashar Yom (18 Days) (2011): Direction

Microphone (2010): Screenplay, Direction