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Country: Burkina Faso/Mauretanien

Year of publication: 1986

Format: 35mm

Language : OF m. engl. UT

Duration: 120 min. Minuten

Series: 18. Afrikafilmfestival

Direction: Hondo, Med

Guest: Abdoulaye, Amina Mamani


In the 19th century, French military leaders Voulet and Chanoine marched with their troops towards Chad in a frenzy of colonial conquest fantasies. In the process, they massacred everyone who stood in their way. Sarraounia, Queen of the Aznas, was one of the few rulers in the region who stood up to the invaders. Her story makes her one of the key figures of African resistance against European colonisation.

The feature film SARRAOUNIA is an adaptation of the novel of the same name by Abdoulaye Mamani, an activist and writer from Niger, who is the subject of a documentary at this festival (see p. ....).

Med Hondo’s feature film was censored in France due to its critical attitude to colonialism. The cinematic masterpiece, recently restored by the Berlin-based Arsenal film institute, will be premiered in Cologne at the 2021 Festival.

In cooperation with Jutta Vogel Stiftung