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Name: Clando

Country: Kamerun; Deutschland

Year of publication: 1996

Format: 35mm, DigiBeta

Color: color

Language : OF franz. m. dt. UT

Duration: 98 Minuten

Direction: Teno, Jean-Marie

Screenplay: Teno, Jean-Marie

Camera: Aviv, Nurit

Editing: Ricard, Aurélie

Actor: Fodouop, Paulin; Fenda, Henriette; Redl, Caroline; Nana, Guillaume; Momo, Joseph


A Cologne film from West Africa about computer expert Sobgui Anatol, whose contact with students supporting the opposition landed him first in jail and then in exile in Germany, where he faces the question of whether to stay or return home.

Taxis in Cameroon are supposed to be yellow. Howewer, there exists clandestine taxis working illegaly. Sobgui is an illegal cab driver who braves everyday`s hostilities of other drivers and strives to avoid constant police harrassment. Life at home is not easy either. Sobgui is relieved after he was offered the opportunity to go to germany to buy second hand cars to start a real business home. Out of gratitude to the elderly person who financed the trip, he goes to Cologne to look for the man`s long lost son. He meets Irene, a young German political activist fighting for minorities and immigrants`rights.
A former political prisoner and victim of torture, Sobgui leads a precarious life driving a gypsy cab ("clando") in Cameroon, a country that has become his prison. He`s only too happy when he`s sent to Germany to buy secondhand cars. Along the way, Teno`s African Everyman travels deep into a dark dream that haunts, paralyzes and eventually propels him back into the battle for Cameroon`s future.