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podiumsdiskussion / panel discussion / table ronde


Name: podiumsdiskussion / panel discussion / table ronde

Guest: Omar, Sami; Schwarzbeck, Nadina; Enganemben, Marie; Jung, Marius; Donkor, Esther; Franklin, Julius B.


As an introduction, the film AFRO DEUTSCH delivers a cinematic statement on the discussion topic, based on a song by actor-musician Tyron Rickets. He became famous as main protagonist of the ZDF crime drama SOKO LEIPZIG and in 2001 was one of the co-founders of the anti-racism musicians initiative Brothers Keepers.

Singer, narrator and author Sami Omar performs one of his own texts about attitudes “which need to be got rid of”.

Journalist Nadina Schwarzbeck then hosts a discussion with him, actress Marie Enganemben, writer Marius Jung and filmmakers Julius B. Franklin and John A. Kantara. They will address questions such as: How do black filmmakers feel about the way they are received and valued in the media? What kind of clichés do they come

across? Are there still standard roles for black actors and actresses? What would change if there were more films made by and starring black people? Can black Germans make films that aren’t about their own identity or about racism? Is it okay to make jokes about political correctness or are there boundaries in humour and in art?