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eröffnung /opening / ouverture African Diaspora Cinema


Name: eröffnung /opening / ouverture African Diaspora Cinema

Year of publication: 2015

Guest: Gaye, Dyana; Lewis, Dane; Mariama; Gete, Bazi; Peck, Raoul; Descas, Alex


Films, international guests and live music by Mariama

The African Diaspora Cinema series will be opened by patron Dyana Gaye, the Paris-born director hailing from a

Senegalese family. On this occasion, her first short fiction UNE FEMME POUR SOULEYMANE from 1999 is being reshown. (On Friday, September 18 her first feature film is to follow.) Other international guests expected in Cologne include Dane Lewis (Jamaica), Bazi Gete (Israel), Alex Descas (France, tbc) and Raoul Peck (France, tbc). With their presence, as well as that of several representatives of local communities and initiatives,

including Joyce Maria Muvunyi from African Diaspora e.V., FilmInitiativ presents several highlights of the ten-day programme. The sci-fi short film AFRONAUTS by Frances Bodomo of the US exemplifies how broad the spectrum of African diaspora filmmaking truly is. Mariama, a Sierra Leonean-born singer who began her musical

career in Cologne and is now finding success in Paris, provides musical entertainment.