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Country: Israel

Year of publication: 2014

Format: digital

Color: color

Language : OF m. dt. UT

Duration: 80 Minuten

Direction: Gete, Bazi

Guest: Gete, Bazi


The debut fi lm by the Ethiopian-Israeli director Bazi Gete portrays a 74-year-old Ethiopian named Meseganio Tadela who, 28 years after his immigration to Israel, still staunchly holds onto traditional gender roles as he knows them from his homeland. After his wife’s death, he sells his apartment and invites himself to go take turns living with his children. But they have already long led their own family lives, in which there is no place for a patriarch.

The film – largely shot with amateur actors in the style of a documentary – is supported by the terrifi c Ethiopian actor Debebe Eshetu, the only professional actor in the whole crew. He graduated from drama school in Hungary and has since featured in a number of African and international film productions. RED LEAVES is being shown at festivals in New York and San Francisco in summer 2015 and was awarded the International Film Critics prize (Fipresci) for the best debut fi lm at the 2014 Jerusalem Film Festival.