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Country: Italien; Äthiopien

Year of publication: 2013

Format: digital

Color: color

Language : OF m. engl. UT

Duration: 56 Minuten

Direction: Yimer, Dagmawi

Screenplay: Yimer, Dagmawi


VA PENSIERO (WALKING STORIES) recalls two racist attacks in Milan and Florence and the victims’ subsequent painful attempts to return to their normal daily lives. A native of Senegal, actor and teacher Mohamed Ba had already been living in Italy for 14 years when one morning he was stabbed in the middle of Milan. Mor and Cheik, also from Senegal, were shot in Florence while working at the San Lorenzo market. The film interlaces the dramatic experiences of the three protagonists with their perennial hope of a life in Italy despite the constant

anxiety and uncertainty, only to be suddenly reminded of the attacks by a glance or a gesture. Director Dagmawi Yimer, himself a refugee from Ethiopia, shows us how violence is experienced from the perspective of the victims.