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Name: Sabryia

Country: Mauretanien

Year of publication: 1997

Format: 35 mm

Language : OF m. engl. UT

Duration: 26 Minuten

Direction: Sissako, Abderrahmane

Camera: Ben Youssef, Youssef

Sound: Thabet, Faouzi

Actor: Abdellatif, Abdellfattah; Akkari, Fethi; Bouglia, Chawki


This film explores the impact of the modern world on the traditional male society of the Maghreb. It is a film about men who prefer to live life as an abstract game and the free-spirited woman who changes everything. Said and Youssef have fulfilled a life-long dream by opening a "chess bar" in the middle of the desert. They sit around drinking palm wine, playing board games and composing love poetry to imaginary women; all this changes with the arrival of the sexually liberated and uninhibited Sarah. (Africultures)