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Name: W.A.K.A

Country: Kamerun

Year of publication: 2014

Format: digital; DCP

Color: color

Language : OF m. dt. UT

Duration: 98 Minuten

Direction: Ellong, Francoise

Screenplay: Kakouang, Seraphin

Camera: Moren, Thomas

Editing: Carroll, Dan

Actor: Bakalack, Patricia; Henry, Bruno; Bomo Bomo, Alain

Guest: Ellong, Francoise


Douala, Cameroon: When her boss finds out that Mathilde is pregnant, she loses her job as a waitress. She still decides to keep the child. But after the birth, not even her mother is prepared to support her. In her struggle for survival and in trying to provide her son Adam with a better life, Mathilda makes a decision that is to have grave consequences...
The film title W.A.K.A stands for "A Woman acts for her Kid Adam".  Director Francoise Ellong takes an uncompromising look at the dilemma faced by a single mother in Cameroon, as she risks her life for her son`s well-being.
The film was shown in cinemas in Cameroon and won awards in Morocco and at the Pan-African Film Festival in Cannes, among others.