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Le Complot d'Aristote



Name: Le Complot d'Aristote

Country: Kamerun

Year of publication: 1996

Format: 35 mm

Color: color

Language : OF m. engl. Dialog u. franz. Off-Kommentar

Duration: 72 Minuten

Direction: Bekolo, Jean-Pierre

Screenplay: Bekolo, Jean-Pierre

Camera: Blondeau, Régis

Sound: Salla, Maguette

Actor: Gampu, Ken; Sebogodi, Siputla; Lesotho, Albee; Levendale, Anthony


When Essemba Tourneur, an accursed moviemaker driven out of Europe, goes back home, everything seems to have changed drastically. He discovers in amazement that the old movie theater is now occupied by a gang of thugs led by an African nicknamed «cinema», who ingests American movies all day long. Essemba decides to recover the premises in order to project African movies and renames the movie theater «Heritage Cinema». For their part, the hoodlums who have been expelled from town and deprived of movies, are getting bored. They thus decide to strip Essemba’s theater and to open a makeshift cinema in the village where they took refuge. Unfortunately, their loot is only made of African movies. With an aching heart, they project them to the villagers who love them. Essemba decides to get his movies back and to settle Cinema and his gang, thus slipping in spite of himself into a real fiction in the American style. A movie which puts on a great act and deals with cinema. (JBA Production)