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Country: Dschibuti

Year of publication: 2018

Format: digital

Color: color

Language : OF frz./arab. m. engl. UT

Duration: 85 Minuten

Direction: Ali Ismaïl, Lula

Guest: Ali Ismaïl, Lula


In DHALINYARO Lula Ali Ismaïl has produced Djibouti’s first feature fi lm – with more than a pinch of girl power. The film explores the everyday lives and dreams of three girls: Asma, Hibo and Deka. The young women are bound by a deep friendship, despite coming from different social strata. The three of them stand at a crossroads in their lives as their school-leaving exams approach and a new future awaits. Despite being connected to the rest of the world via social media and technology, the three girls are still deeply rooted in their own culture and face the biggest decision of their lives: What do we do next?