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Country: Frankreich/ Tunesien

Year of publication: 2019

Color: color

Language : OF frz./engl./arab. m. dt. UT

Duration: 86 Minuten

Direction: Meddeb, Hind

Guest: Meddeb, Hind


Paris, summer of 2016: refugees forced to live in make-shift camps in the city’s Stalingrad quarter are waiting for their status to be recognised. Having met a group of young refugees, documentary director Hind Medded and filmmaker Thim Naccache decide to document their daily lives to create a record of the events happening within the camp. The footage mainly focuses on Souleymane, an adolescent from Darfur. Faced with male-dominated daily routines, an administrative maze, failure, arbitrary police raids and the perpetual rebuilding of the camp, Souleymane responds to the camera with poetry. A col-lective of refugees and activists forms in this fight for rec-ognition. They take on the defence of human rights, but also resolve immediate emergencies and distribute food. PARIS STALINGRAD gives a profile to anonymous migrants and a hidden reality in the city of Paris. 

With director Hind Meddeb in attendance