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Taafe Fanga - Pouvoir de pagne



Name: Taafe Fanga - Pouvoir de pagne

Country: Mali

Year of publication: 1996

Format: 35 mm

Color: color

Language : OF m. engl. UT

Duration: 95 Minuten

Direction: Drabo, Adama

Screenplay: Drabo, Adama

Camera: Cousin, Lionel

Editing: Evans, Rose

Sound: Gauthier, Jean-Pierre

Actor: Diarra, Maimouna Hélène; Drabo, Ramata


The distincly clear notes from the Cora of the famed griot Diabaté entice us to the Bandiagara cliff, in the past of the famous Dogon people. At Yanda, the numinous mask Albarga, which is an attribute of the spirits and a symbol of power falls into Yayeme`s hands, a young woman and spreads confusion. Women come round to wearing trousers. Is it a curse or a divine retribution? Will the newly established order weather all these contradictions ?

Originally written by Drabo for the theater, this beautifully photographed comic tale about sexual politics was partly inspired by Dogon mythology. A traditionally robed griot arrives at a contemporary compound, turns off the TV, and begins an old story about a disgruntled wife who steals a powerful ritual mask with which she forces the men of her village to take over women`s roles and work. Drawing modernday lessons from this sundrenched cathartic farce about gender-bending, the griot links Mali`s past, present and future. (Africultures)