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Country: Marokko; Frankreich

Year of publication: 2015

Format: DCP, digital

Color: color

Language : OF m. dt. UT

Duration: 78 Minuten

Direction: Benzari, Touria

Camera: Ungaro, Kika; Aujé, Émilie

Editing: Dewulf, Fanny; Bernardat, Michael

Actor: Manousha, Sofia; Kechiouche, Salim


Seventeen-year-old Sofia, the daughter of Moroccan parents, lives in Dijon. On holiday in Morocco, she meets Salim, a young Moroccan. The two drop everything and get married immediately - much to the delight of their mothers, as they arranged the marriage. The newly-weds are unable to lead a peaceful life after getting married, however, because they are still constantly being patronised by their mothers. Sofia therefore returns to France and files for divorce. But this is more difficult to force through than expected... With TA MÈRE, director Touria Benzari takes a comedic look at the cultural differences and family constraints that young people moving between North Africa and the French diaspora have to come to terms with.
The film ran in French cinemas at the end of 2015 with ten copies.