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The Abyss boys



Name: The Abyss boys

Country: Südafrika

Year of publication: 2010

Format: DVD

Color: color

Language : OF m. engl. UT

Duration: 26 Minuten

Direction: Beetge, Jan-Hendrik

Screenplay: Beetge, Jan-Hendrik

Camera: Heimann, Greg

Editing: Smal, Eben

Actor: Snyders, Travis; Isaacs, Moegammad


Set in the slums of a small fishing community on the southern coast of South Africa, the drowning depths of illegal abalone poaching has become a dangerous life that Jimmy, a legendary ex-diver, has to escape from. Wanting to save AB, his rebellious young brother from Gonyama, a violent gangster, Jimmy devises a plan to give himself and AB a new life. But on the winter day that Jimmy gets his chance to escape, nothing has prepared him for what happens next.