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Terra Sonâmbula




Name: Terra Sonâmbula

Country: Portugal; Mosambik

Year of publication: 2007

Format: 35 mm

Color: color

Language : OF m. engl. UT

Duration: 95 Minuten

Direction: Prata, Teresa

Screenplay: Prata, Teresa

Camera: Gentil, Dominique

Editing: Rebelo, Paulo; Witta, Jacques

Sound: Filipe, Marcos

Actor: Teresa, Nick Lauro; Jasse, Aladino; Fumo, Hélio; Macuacua, Ernesto Lemos


In Mozambique, the civil war causes devastation among the population. Amongst this chaos, young Muidinga dreams of finding his family. One day, he finds a diary on a lifeless body; it speaks of a woman searching for her son. Convinced that he’s the missing son, Muidinga decides to find her. On his journey he’s accompanied by an old man, Tuahir, always ready to tell a tale. Their journey is a battle, and turns them into somnambulists in a country devastated by war.