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Name: Aïcha

Country: Senegal

Year of publication: 2004

Format: 35 mm

Color: color

Language : ohne Worte

Duration: 13 Minuten

Direction: Aduaka, Newton; Tool, M.

Screenplay: Aduaka, Newton

Camera: Mazet, Rémi

Actor: Ndoye, Aïcha; Ndiaye, Madjiguene; Diop, Moustapha


Dakar, Senegal. Moussa, a fifty year old man, decides to go out at night. Without even a glance for his child and his wife, he leaves his house, all dressed up to the nines. Moussa is lurking in the streets of Dakar, in search of a one-night stand. In a night-club, he meets a beautiful and mysterious woman, Aicha. After a magical night on the beach under the moonlight, Moussa takes Aicha home.